Children who were elected to the School Council by their classes are:

Mrs. Heron: AJ, Caitlyn
Miss. Jennings: Erin, Thomas
Mrs. Flattery: Bradley, Archie
Miss. Dover: Aya, Joel
Mr. Nugent: Loghan, Ethan
Mrs. Nash: Lucas, Carmyne
Mrs. Solomon: Sumayah, Joel
Mr. Chapman: Courtney, Madanie
Miss. Jenkins: Alfie, Kavya

Our Phase 2 & 3 school councillors for 2017 introduce themselves…

Hi my name is Bradley. I am 10 years old and I am in Year 6, Mrs Flattery’s class. I like to play on the XBOX and I like football. I like being a school councillor because I listen all the time. I like to help other people and I always follow the school rules.

Hi I am AJ. I am 11 years old and in Mrs Heron’s class. I like to play on my PlayStation in my spare time. I am a school councillor because my class voted for me. I am not shy and I will speak out during a debate.

Hi I am Erin and I am 10 years old. My class is Mrs Jennings’s class. I like gymnastics and dance. I am a school councillor because I look after this school and I look after other people.

Hi my name is Thomas. I am a school councillor. I enjoy football in my spare time. I enjoy my council job because I have lots of ideas.

Hi my name is Aya. I am in Miss Dover’s class. I like Science and I am almost 8. I always do the right thing. I would like to improve my school.

Hi my name is Ethan I am in Mr Nugent’s class. I like playing football. In my spare time I play on my TV. I make a good school councillor because I help people and listen to ideas.

Hi my name is Joel. I like Boxing club, it is my best thing. I am a good school councillor. I love coming to school.

Hi my name is Archie. I am 9 years old. I like playing on my XBOX in my spare time. I’m in Mrs Flattery’s class. I am a school councillor because I take care of the school and because I’m not shy. I always follow school rules.

I’m Caitlin and I am 9 years old. I have been on the school council since September. I am in Mrs Heron’s class. I am not afraid to speak up. I like drawing and reading amazing adventure stories. I enjoy being on the school council and helping people.

Hi! I am Loghan and I am 7. I am in Mr Nugent’s class. I am a good school councillor because I always listen to other children and my friends. I like to play on my play station in my spare time.

Hi my name is Carmyne. I am 8 years old. I enjoy dancing in my spare time. I am a school councillor because I am not shy and because I am sensible. My teacher is Mrs Nash, Miss Halligan and Mrs Ryan. My best friends are Ava, Molly, and Ella. My family are my life. Mrs Halligan is a very good dancer because she kindly took us to St John Bosco and taught us how to dance.

Hi I’m Lucas and I am 8 years old. In my spare time I like to play football. I think I was chosen to be a school councillor because I am not shy in front of the class and I am a school councillor because I am good at improving our school.

Gillmoss Recycling & Discovery Centre

On Monday 6th March, our Eco-Council and School Council visited the Gillmoss Recycling & Discovery Centre.

We learned all about recycling at the centre and had a guided tour.

However, the purpose of our visit was to make lanterns out of recyclable materials. The lanterns will be used soon at the opening of the path to Dam Woods on 25th March.

Here are some photographs taken throughout our day.

We also hosted an assembly for the rest of the school to show them what we learned.

Suggestion Boxes

Our School Council have been busy reading all the suggestions in our class suggestion boxes. All ideas are considered. The council then meet with Mrs McBride, Mrs McNally and other members of staff to talk about the suggestions.

Town Hall Visit

Thomas, George, Faye and Amelia attended the Town Hall on October 3rd to attend a meeting of the school’s parliament.

Thomas (Year 4) said, “I enjoyed the visit. It is the first time I have been to the Town Hall, it was good to see other school and join in the meeting.”

George (Year 4) added, “The Town Hall was posh especially the chandeliers. We listened to the speaker and thought about how we could improve our great city.”

Members of the School Council will take turns to attend the School’s Parliament and participate in debates held during sessions.

School Governors

Olivia and Jadel were asked to represent the School Council and talk to the School Governors on Wednesday 16th October.

Jadel said “We talked to the Governors about the work of the School Council. They were really interested in what we had to say and asked questions like how we are elected.”

Olivia agreed and added that “It was an opportunity for us to tell the Governors what we are doing to improve our school. The Governors said they were happy to help us.”

The School Council will be helping with ideas for fundraising for the Children In Need even on Friday 15th November. The Council are also planning to get involved in Safety Week and Enterprise Week both happening in November.